Packaging for logistics

With GDP Emballages, choose a source of paper and cardboard packaging that is very close to your goods.
Check out our selection of products designed specifically for packaging your parcels and pallets.
Whether they are recycled and recyclable, our logistics packaging solutions are environmentally friendly.

Our packaging for logistics

papier macule

Wrapping paper

Papier crepe absorbant 2

Newsprint paper

papier Kraft pure pâte | GDP Emballages

Pure pulp kraft

papier kraft recycle 3

Recycled kraft

papier soie mousseline 4

Tissue paper


Pallet interlayer

carton raidisseur | GDP Emballages

Cardboard stiffener

heat sealable kraft brown paper

heat-sealable paper


WATERPROOF NON-SLIP Pallet interlayer

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