Our paper and cardboard cutting equipment

At GDP Emballages, we have genuine expertise working with paper and cardboard. This means that we can give you the advice you need on the best products for your end use. 

In order to fulfil your different requests, we have various machines for cutting, packaging and packing our different products.

Check out our equipment for transforming
and cutting paper and cardboard

three cutters

We have three cutters for cutting strips with widths ranging from 140cm to 180cm.

We use these different cutters for format production.

Découpe papier | GDP Emballages
Bobineuse fin de bobine | GDP Emballages

3 winders

Our three winders are used in the production of smaller rolls of paper.

Our machine can be used to offer you different formats:

  • Max. width of 200cm with a diameter of 45cm for the spools 
  • Max. width of 120cm with a diameter of 40cm for the spools 

2 guillotines

There are two guillotines for cutting paper in small formats out of large-format paper.
110 cm or 185 cm opening options.

Stock Bobines | GDP Emballages

1 wrapping machine

We also have a film wrapping machine in the workshop for packaging packs of paper in PE film.
Format: Maximum width 110cm

1 hole punching machine

Finally, we have a hole punching machine for making holes in the side of the paper. We make 6 and 12 cm holes.

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