Why choose paper pallets liners ?

For optimised logistics operations and more sustainable deliveries, there are innovative solutions to improve the supply chain while minimising the impact on the planet. This is where paper pallets liners come in. This ecological and efficient alternative offers unexpected possibilities for environmentally conscious companies.

What are paper pallets liners ?

Used mainly in logistics and handling, paper pallet liners are elements that are inserted between layers of products on a pallet to keep them separate and stable. 

This protective layer prevents products from shifting, slipping or being damaged during transport or storage by partitioning and wedging the items. These sheets also help to protect goods by preventing direct contact between stacked items. The protective layer created by the paper will prevent scratches, bumps and rubbing between products. This can be particularly useful for fragile and delicate items. Thanks to the properties of the paper, some of the shocks and vibrations are absorbed. This helps to keep parcels secure throughout the supply chain and minimises losses and returns of damaged goods.

Why choose these more durable liners ?

Unlike plastic or metal pallet liners, paper liners are often cheaper to produce and are also more environmentally friendly. They are made from renewable resources such as recycled paper or corrugated cardboard. This means they are biodegradable and recyclable.

Another benefit is that these paper liners are easy to handle, as they are lightweight and easy to transport. Pallet loading and unloading is optimised thanks to the use of pallet liners. The balance of the different palletised layers ensures better grip and even weight distribution. This can also reduce the risk of injury.

Non-slip paper 

Non-slip paper is ideal for keeping your products stable on pallets. Available in different colours and formats, non-slip pallet interlayer can be adapted to all types of packaging. 

The advantage of non-slip pallet liners is that they keep your products stable, even if they are subject to sudden movements or braking during transport.

What are the other advantages of paper pallet interlayer ?

In addition to their durability and technical properties, which are equivalent or even superior to other plastic or metal liners, paper liners can be customised. You can add product information, company logos or barcodes, for example. This can facilitate tracking, stock management and product identification.

Furthermore, paper pallet liners can be cut and adjusted to different sizes and shapes to suit the specific needs of the products to be palletised, making them compatible with all kinds of loads.

In short, these paper palletising accessories offer companies a practical and environmentally-friendly solution. Their characteristics optimise logistics and facilitate handling, while helping to protect goods. If you want to integrate this solution into your supply chain to reduce packaging and transport costs, GDP Emballages can help you with a wide range of palletising liners. 

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