The different types of food papers

Food papers are widely used in the fast food industry, but also across the entire food industry. Easy to use for packaging, transporting, or storing, these papers have to comply with a number of important criteria, and regulations regarding food contact in order to comply with current food hygiene and safety standards. A wide range of food papers exists on the market with specific benefits and characteristics depending on the use. Here is a guide to the different types of food paper that you can find, and how to choose among them.

Non-stick baking paper 

This paper, suitable for food contact, is intended for cooking. Its benefits? It is very resistant to heat and non-stick, which makes it suitable for industrial or more domestic use. It is perfect for cooking in the oven up to 220 degrees celsius for example, and is particularly effective to remove food such as pastries from the mould thanks to its non-stick surface.

Absorbent crepe paper  

Absorbent crepe paper is used in the industrial sector for food products manufacturing. As its name indicates, it has formidable absorbent properties! Absorbent crepe paper is used to absorb moisture and grease contained in food. It can also be used in packaging to protect food products.

Greaseproof food paper 

GDP Emballages greaseproof paper is WS-treated paper which makes it very resistant to humidity! Greaseproof paper is ideal to use as wrapping of food products that are quite greasy and/or wet. Indeed, it is ideal also for food products such as cooked meats, and cheeses. Greaseproof paper can also be used as an interlayer in the production of food products or packaging.

Greaseproof kraft paper 

Here is another greaseproof food paper, the iconic kraft paper! This versatile product is widely used in the catering industry, especially in the fast food industry. And for good reasons, it is affordable, easy to use and resistant to high heat and grease. It can be used particularly as a wrapping paper for food products such as fries or burgers for example. 

Kraft food papers: laid, vellum or finished 

From the same family of  kraft papers, we can think of laid, vellum or finished kraft food papers. Those papers are just as versatile as the greaseproof kraft paper. However, they are used as interleaves, packaging or for protecting food items. For example, greaseproof or vellum papers are very resistant, and their surfaces can be easily customised with the colours of your company or your brand!

Parchment paper 

The parchment paper is a formidable barrier to grease and moisture. Like other food papers, it is fully compliant with current regulations,  and is suitable for contact with all types of food, whether they are dry, moist or grease. This paper has an excellent resistance to extreme temperature variations and freezing temperatures.

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