Wich kraft paper for packaging ?

It’s no longer a secret that kraft paper is one of the most widely used and appreciated papers in many sectors, for commercial applications in the packaging industry and private applications for instance packing during moving. And for good reason, kraft paper has a long list of benefits! However, there are different types of kraft paper on the market, which have to be chosen according to the end use and need.

The advantages of kraft paper packaging 

Before choosing kraft paper according to its final use, it is important to remember the several advantages it has to offer. 

  • Kraft paper is versatile

If there is one quality to remember about kraft paper, it is its versatility. It can be used in the packaging sector, and in logistics and food industries. Depending on the final use, kraft paper can have different characteristics and aspects, for example laid or greaseproof. It is particularly suited as medium and large bags, envelopes or even in food packaging in compliance with laws and regulations.

  • Kraft paper is very resistant 

The word “Kraft” means “strength” in German, which leaves no doubt about one of its main assets: strength. Manufactured thanks to the “kraft process”, kraft packaging paper is resistant to tears, grease, but also to light. In addition to being solid, it has a good quality-price ratio.

  • Kraft paper is natural 

Kraft paper packaging is natural, sustainable and easy to recycle. Indeed, no need to say it constitutes an efficient and ecological alternative to plastic packaging!

Choose your kraft paper according to your needs 

At GDP Emballages, we offer you a wide range of kraft papers for the logistics, food and industrial sectors. 

Kraft paper for food packaging 

  • Brown greaseproof kraft paper. Heat resistant, it is ideal for packaging greasy food products, such as street food for example. 
  • Laid Kraft paper. Ideal for packaging, protection, or interleaving. It can also be used for printed packaging, baking paper and food contact. 
  • Vellum Kraft Paper. Very versatile, it is used in interleaving, printed packaging or as protection.
  • Finished Kraft Paper. Used in medium and large bags, coating, laminating, spiral wrapping, packaging and bundling.
kraft paper for food packaging

Kraft paper for logistics packaging  

We offer you recycled and recyclable kraft paper packaging options for the logistics sector,  as environmentally friendly as possible. Resistant and versatile, kraft paper is ideal for pack parcels in logistics or moving out for example.

  • Pure Pulp Kraft Paper. Intended for the packing and the overpacking of many products, this one has a strong resistance to the tear, which makes it ideal to pack paintings or invaluable objects at the time of removal for example.
  • Recycled Kraft Paper. Perfect for packaging objects, it can be easily recycled once its use is over. It can also be used as cushioning or stuffing in any cardboard or parcel packaging.  
  • Laid Kraft Paper. Ideal for packaging, protection, or interleaving. It can also be used for printing and in small and medium capacity bags. It can also be used in envelopes! 

Kraft paper for industrial packaging 

  • Kraft Vellum paper. Ideal as interleaf for steel or glass, it can also be used in industrial processes such as packaging for protection against paint in the automotive or aerospace sectors. 
  • Glass Kraft paper. Specially designed to protect glass, it is ideal for the protection and packaging of glass products. It has extremely high technical specifications.
  • Recycled Kraft paper.
  • Steel kraft paper
  • Pure Pulp Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is a product that can be used in many industries thanks to its various technical properties. If you are interested, but you do not know which kraft paper to choose, contact GDP Emballages team for personalised advices.

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