Prevent packages from falling off thanks to non-slip pallet liners

When it comes to guaranteeing the safety of products during storage or industrial transport, one essential ally stands out: non-slip pallet liners. They provide maximum stability for products on pallets and even withstand sudden braking during transport. They have rapidly become an established feature of industrial processes, thanks to their many advantages, particularly in terms of anti-slip properties.

Non-slip pallet liners : guaranteed stability

Placed between goods, non-slip pallet liners are primarily designed to stabilise products. They have a high level of grip, enabling products to remain in place even during the sudden manoeuvres that can occur during industrial processes. This makes them an ideal solution for transporters, ensuring efficient movement of goods without the risk of loss or damage.

High strength

One of the major advantages of non-slip pallet liners is their strength and durability. Despite the sometimes extreme weather conditions and pallet tilts of up to 45°, the products remain unchanged, preserving their integrity.

What’s more, the non-slip pallet liners protect the goods from moisture, offering additional security and avoiding the risk of damage, falls or slipping.

non-slip pallet liners
non-slip pallet liners

Ease of use

The ease with which non-slip pallet liners can be used means there’s no need for complex handling, which could lead to falls and numerous breakages.

Their quick and easy installation reduces the risk of damage during transport, which represents a significant saving by avoiding the costs associated with such situations.

Non-slip pallet liners for the most delicate industrial processes

Non-slip pallet liners are used in a wide range of industries, from glassmaking to the automotive industry. Their ability to adapt to different contexts makes them a preferred choice for many goods.

In industrial processes where products are very fragile, non-slip pallet liners are essential. Fragile materials such as glass break easily. Even the slightest fall can be fatal, resulting in high costs.

When it comes to fragile items, sensitive components or delicate equipment, these spacers offer unrivalled protection. Their ability to maintain the integrity of goods, even under rigorous handling conditions, makes them an optimal choice for a variety of industrial processes. Thanks to their non-slip surface, these interlayers guarantee increased security, preserving the quality and value of the most sensitive products.

Non-slip pallet liners from GDP Emballages

At GDP Emballages, we offer a range of non-slip pallet liners ranging from 110 gr/m2 to 290 gr/m2 in brown. Available in standard formats such as 80×120 and 100×120, in reels or other formats on request, they can be easily integrated into logistics operations.

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