Protective paper for glass: properties

Glass is a material that is widely used in industry, particularly for the automotive sector, household appliance sector, construction industry, etc. On the other hand, glass is a delicate material that can easily be scratched or broken. Indeed, great care is needed when handling glass products like perfume bottles in the perfumery or glassware sector, for example. To minimise the risks and avoid compromising production, the glass protector paper is useful because of its excellent technical properties! 


First of all, the kraft paper for protecting glass objects has shock- and scratch-resistant properties but it also prevents fingerprints or abrasions on the glass when it is handled. Companies in the glass industry also use protective kraft paper to cover cut glass, during grinding and as spacers to prevent friction that could damage the glass.

Shock-resistant and heat-resistant

The glass protector paper has a very high resistance to shocks but also to traction. This excellent level of resistance gives it a wide variety of industrial uses involving the manufacture of glass. Indeed, glass kraft paper is used in extremely demanding industrial processes thanks to another of its properties: its high resistance to heat. It is therefore ideal as an interlayer, for example, even if the temperatures are high. In addition to these thermal and shock-absorbing properties, the glass protector paper is highly resistant to tearing, which gives it exceptional durability.  

Neutral pH and chemical purity

The protective paper for glass is also pH neutral and can also be used to provide protection against the corrosion that can occur in industrial processes. 

Glass protection paper at GDP Emballages

At GDP Emballages, we supply kraft paper that is specially designed to protect glass thanks to some extremely advanced technical features. It is indeed quite possible to use it as an interleaving paper for glass, for example.

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