What is greaseproof kraft food paper ?

With the ever-increasing number of takeaways and fast food outlets, greaseproof kraft food paper has become an essential packaging product. This paper with its many properties, essential in the food industry, now meets the growing demands of sustainability and food hygiene. Read on to find out more !

The characteristics of greaseproof food grade kraft paper

Greaseproof kraft food paper is an improved version of traditional brown kraft paper. Its coating is specially designed to resist the penetration of fats and liquids, making it an ideal choice for packaging greasy foods such as hamburgers, chips and bakery products. Unlike standard kraft paper, its surface does not fade when in contact with oil or water, and retains its strength. 

Thanks to its greaseproof finish and versatility, this paper meets the needs of takeaways and catering professionals.  These pre-cut sheets are economical and practical for packaging, preserving and transporting food preparations in a single package.

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An ally in food hygiene 

Hygiene and food safety standards are major concerns for customers and companies in the food industry. To avoid any contamination between foods, it is necessary to work with impermeable packaging such as greaseproof kraft paper. This prevents foodstuffs from contaminating each other and becoming a risk to consumers.

A guarantee of quality

Greaseproof kraft paper packaging keeps food fresh by preventing moisture loss and protecting against oxidation. This contributes to a better taste experience for customers. An environmentally-friendly food paper with a brown kraft finish, it offers attractive, neutral packaging for your food or snack products.

Opting for greaseproof kraft food paper instead of plastic packaging is a step towards a more environmentally-friendly approach in the food industry.

GDP Emballages offers you fluorine-free greaseproof kraft food paper

Towards a ban on fluorine in food paper

Until now, paper manufacturers have used fluorinated resins in the manufacture of greaseproof kraft paper. But recent studies have revealed that these resins have an impact on human health and the environment. These compounds could cause endocrine disruption and contaminate drinking water. When exposed to high temperatures, fluorinated resins can release harmful perfluorinated compounds.

In response to these concerns, numerous regulations have been introduced to restrict the use of fluorinated resins in packaging specifically designed for food contact.

 Fluorine-free food paper, a choice for the future

GDP Emballages has chosen to anticipate this transition to fluorine-free food grade kraft paper by supplying high quality food packaging while guaranteeing consumer safety and environmental protection. By anticipating future regulations and adopting a “fluorine-free” approach, companies in the food industry that choose fluorine-free food-grade kraft paper are favourably positioned in the market and avoid possible sanctions linked to the use of fluorinated resins. What’s more, they are helping to protect our planet and the health of their consumers.

At GDP Emballages, fluorine-free greaseproof food grade kraft paper offers excellent resistance to grease and moisture, while eliminating the risks associated with the presence of fluorine. It is available in 40gr and 70gr/m² formats. 

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