Is baking paper the same as parchment paper ?

True stars in our kitchens, food wrapping papers such as baking paper are used to package and preserve foodstuffs. They are primarily designed to guarantee food safety, preserve freshness and prevent contamination. In addition, food packaging is subject to restrictions and must comply with European health and safety regulations. Baking paper and parchment paper are among the most widely used in the industry and at home. But what are the real differences ?

Textures and paper treatment 

The first difference is the texture. Quickly noticeable, the texture of parchment paper is very low-porosity, smooth and non-stick thanks to the silicone coating. This not only makes it easier to remove food, but also preserves its greaseproof properties. On top of that, parchment paper can be used and reused up to 8 times !

Uses of baking paper

Parchment paper is an effective barrier to grease and moisture, and is totally suitable for contact with all types of food: dry, moist and greasy. Parchment paper is treated with a silicone coating, making it totally waterproof or greaseproof. It is highly resistant to extreme cooking and freezing temperatures, and does not give off smoke. It’s a member of the big baking paper family! 

Baking paper is a family of papers designed mostly for oven baking. In fact, baking paper is not only highly heat-resistant, but also non-stick, making it very practical for baking and unmolding cakes, pastries and viennoiseries. Baking paper can also be used, for example, to wrap food before steaming, helping to retain moisture and prevent leakage.

These papers are therefore widely used in the bakery-pastry sector, as well as in fast-food for example!


Parchment paper is generally opaque white, with one smooth side and one slippery side to prevent the mixture from sticking to the surface. Baking paper, on the other hand, is brown in color.

In conclusion, baking paper and parchment paper are two terms commonly used to speak about food wrapping papers. There is no major difference between the two. Parchment paper can also be considered part of the large family of baking papers. Both papers are interchangeable!

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