GDP prepares for IFS PacSecure certification

GDP Emballages is getting ready for IFS PACsecure certification

The food industry is facing a growing demand for transparency and traceability concerning the origin of materials used to manufacture food packaging. With this in mind, GDP Emballages is preparing for IFS PACsecure certification to meet food industry standards.

 IFS PACsecure certification: a guarantee of quality and safety

IFS PACsecure certification assesses the manufacturing and transformation processes for packaging materials in terms of product safety and quality. 

By complying with the certification standards, we can not only guarantee high-quality production, but also provide our customers with reliable, safe packaging for their products.

Improving the quality of our food packaging goes hand in hand with reducing the impact of our production on the environment, with the aim of adopting an increasingly responsible approach. By following IFS requirements, our processes will be improved to reduce waste.

IFS PACSECURE certification

All packaging must be as responsible and respectful as possible of the planet and its consumers. Indeed, the excessive use of harmful products reduces the quality of packaged foods and can contaminate them. This is a major and growing problem. IFS PACsecure certification is a response to this problem, thanks to a set of standards covering :

  • company management, commitments and resources
  • the product quality and safety management system
  • operational processes
  • measurement, analysis and improvement of product safety and quality
  • product protection

Transparency and traceability: requirements guaranteed by IFS PACsecure certification

IFS PACsecure certification ensures that every company meets the growing demands for transparency. It establishes precise safety protocols to ensure the traceability of materials used to create packaging at every stage of the supply chain.

It also enables any problems associated with food packaging materials to be identified and resolved, thereby maintaining food quality.

 Accredited and recognised certification 

Accreditation and recognition play a fundamental role in the reliability of certification.

IFS PACsecure certification is assessed by governments and private bodies to guarantee its compliance with international standards. Accreditation, which is essential for IFS audits, is provided by renowned bodies such as DAkks in Germany.

The GFSI, the Global Food Safety Initiative, verifies that the standards and procedures of holders of certification programmes such as IFS comply with its reference criteria. 

 IFS PACsecure certification: a goal for 2025

As part of our preparations to obtain IFS PACsecure certification, we visited the CFIA trade show in Rennes in March 2024 to meet the players in the agri-food market and gain a better understanding of the issues involved.

The CFIA highlighted the growing demand for reduced, reusable and recyclable packaging. We were able to understand how to integrate these requirements into our manufacturing process.

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