The differents uses of kraft masking paper in industry

Kraft masking paper is an indispensable element in various industrial sectors. It provides effective protection against splashes of paint and other substances, guaranteeing impeccable, professional results. Find out more about the different uses of kraft masking paper and its importance in various industrial sectors.

The different uses of kraft masking paper in industry

Kraft masking paper has a variety of uses in different industrial sectors.

Automotive industry: surface protection during bodywork and paintwork

In the automotive industry, kraft masking paper protects vehicle surfaces during sanding, painting and priming operations.

Besides, masking paper is lint-free, preserving surface integrity and ensuring a high-quality end result during bodywork.

Construction: Protecting windows and doors during painting or plastering work

In the construction industry, craft masking paper is used to protect windows and doors while painting or plastering. Its ability to prevent paint run-off makes it a safe choice for protecting delicate surfaces from splashes and splatters.

Moreove, masking paper can be used to protect previously finished areas during touch-ups or additional finishing, as well as to prepare the surface prior to the application of protective or decorative coatings, by covering the areas to be preserved.

Coating wood and composites

When finishing wood or composite products, such as furniture, doors or panels, masking paper is used to protect already-finished surfaces when applying varnish, paint or other coatings. For example, when varnishing a wooden door, masking paper is used to cover handles and locks, preventing unwanted varnish deposits and ensuring a flawless finish.

Kraft masking paper from GDP Emballages

At GDP Emballages, we offer a kraft masking paper specially designed for various industrial sectors: automotive, packaging, construction…

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Its superior quality makes it a preferred choice for professionals in various industrial sectors, guaranteeing impeccable results after every use.

kraft masking paper
Kraft masking paper
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