What machines do you need to make and cut packaging paper?

Packaging paper, as its name suggests, is used in many industries for packaging, but also for protecting and packing fragile items. The range of packaging paper is very varied and can be used for packaging an extremely wide range of products.

There are different types of paper for various uses:

Packaging paper for removal services, e.g.:

● White newsprint paper

● Wrapping paper (Schrenz)

● Tissue wrapping paper

● Recycled or non-recycled kraft paper.

● Interleaving paper for glass.

Food-grade packaging paper, e.g.:

  • Cheese packaging paper.
  • Greaseproof food paper.
  • Crêpe paper.

But how exactly is packaging paper made? What machines are needed for cutting paper packaging?

First of all, the type of machine used to make paper packaging depends on the industry and therefore on the end use, the required weight and the technical specifications.

Paper pulp

The most important material used in creating packaging paper is none other than:
paper pulp. Used in the manufacture of not only paper, but also cardboard, paper pulp comes from wood. The manufacturing process involves separating the cellulose fibres that make up the wood, which are held together by lignin, one of its main components. The different types of pulp are made using the following two main

  1. The mechanical method used to make newsprint paper, for example.
  2. The chemical method, which is for more technical papers.

Paper pulp can also be made from recycled paper or cardboard thereby creating
recycled paper packaging.

Machines for the manufacture of paper packaging

Once the paper pulp has been produced, the paper machine is used in the process
of manufacturing packaging paper. This machine tool will transform paper pulp into
huge spools of paper.


GDP emballages fabrication emballage papier

The spools are made according to the type of packaging paper required (kraft, newspaper, etc.) but
also according to the finishes, weight, colour and final application.
Indeed, packaging paper intended for the food industry must comply with local food standards.

The creation of paper spools is performed using a paper winder.
The paper will initially be rolled up on a core which has been glued in advance. Then, the paper will be
loaded on the core to form the spool of paper with the correct configured yardage.

Cutting packaging paper

Once the spools have been prepared, it’s time to cut! The manufacture of paper
packaging often requires cutting. At GDP Emballages, the cutting is done according
to the specific dimensions that we offer, or tailored to the client’s requirements.
In our workshop, we use machines such as:

  • A cutter

During this stage, the spools of packaging paper are placed in a machine called a cutter. Using a system of rollers, the paper will be fed through and then cut according to the sheet sizes specified beforehand. Once the paper is cut, the goods are ready to be palletised and shipped.

GDP EMBALLAGES coupeuse fabrication emballage papier
  • A guillotine  

Another cutting machine that can be used: the guillotine. Used throughout the paper industry, this machine tool is for cutting paper at an angle. Thanks to a graduation system, the cutting of the packaging paper is very precise and correctly sized.
At GDP Emballages, we have: 3 cutters, 2 winders, 2 guillotines, 1 film wrapper and
1 hole puncher. As you will have realised, the manufacture and cutting of packaging
paper depends on the client’s requirements, but also on the end use. We therefore
make every effort to be as flexible as possible, and to provide a rapid and
personalised solution to the needs of our clients.

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