What type of wrapping paper should you choose for a removal service?

You are planning a move house soon and you do not know where to start for the packing of your furniture, decorations and household appliances? Here is some information on the packaging paper you need for the perfect house move, for each category of product.    

Protect your dishes and fragile items 

If you have valuable items or dishes that have been in the family for generations, be sure to pack them properly so you don’t find them in pieces on arrival at your destination. The ideal solution is tissue paper or white machine-glazed tissue paper for the protection and packing of fragile objects, e.g. vases, bottles, light bulbs or glassware. Once they have been properly protected, they can go in the boxes. Another economical and very effective option for packing your fragile objects and dishes is newsprint paper. Nevertheless, you need to take care to tape the newspaper properly to prevent shocks. 

Tip: Be careful not to over-stack your glassware or over-fill the boxes at the risk of breaking or cracking the contents. Don’t forget to mark your boxes as “Fragile” to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Protect your paintings and frames 

To protect paintings, the pure pulp kraft paper with a rubbed laid or wove finish is the best option. Indeed, this type of paper has a very high resistance to tearing, which makes it ideal for protecting or over-packaging paintings and photo frames. Another significant benefit of kraft paper is its resistance to UV rays, which are the number one enemy of paintings. Once packaged and protected from any damage caused by light or scratches in particular, your works can be packaged in bespoke or suitable boxes to then be transported to their destination. If the works are very fragile and sensitive to humidity, you can also pack them with bubble wrap.

Tip: use wrapping paper or white newsprint paper as packing materials for your paintings in crates or boxes to prevent any movement and impacts from damaging the frame and the corners.

Protect your furniture 

During a move, the furniture often gets mistreated the most, and for good reason! This category of items generally does not get adequate packing and ends up with scratches or knocks. To avoid this type of problem, it must be carefully protected before loading into the removal van. So yes, while it may not be necessary to completely cover the furniture, you still need to pay attention to the corners and legs that are most likely to be on the receiving end of a shock. Kraft paper is your ideal solution for protecting the legs of your wooden furniture and your television from scratches, for example. Don’t hesitate to reinforce the corners of your mirrors, chests of drawers or even bed frames with corrugated cardboard, for example, before you start packaging them.

Tip: it is also possible to add blankets to your furniture for additional protection to absorb any shocks. You can also use blankets/sheets, a sack truck or flat piece of cardboard to move your furniture more easily.

Protecting your household appliances 

The best option for protecting your appliances is probably to reuse the original cardboard boxes and foam packing materials. However, it may be that you no longer have these all-important boxes. No worries! For small appliances, use a similarly-sized box to prevent shocks during transport. To replace the foam packing materials, feel free to add some wrapping paper as a packing material or some white newspaper as stuffing. 

Now you know all about the packaging paper you need for your move. Get set, go! You’re ready for your move!

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