The different uses of heat-sealable paper

Heat-sealable paper is a quite recent product in the packaging industry. First introduced with the “e-bliss” project which was created from the collaboration between the CITEO and the Centre Technique du Papier, it has slowly but surely made its way into our daily lives and even into our mailboxes.The word heat-sealable means “sealed with heat” which implies that the heat sealable paper is coated on one side and sealed with heat during the manufacturing process. Heat sealable paper is becoming more and more popular, and is an alternative to plastic packaging. Here are some of the uses of the heat-sealable paper.

Heat-sealable paper in the logistics sector 

Heat-sealable paper can be used for wrapping clothes in the fashion industry for example or for the protection of small materials. In fact, in the logistics sector, it can be used to send or protect parcels and objects. The heat-sealable paper for logistics allows to protect the content of the parcel from dust or from a possible deterioration like humidity for example. However, it is important to adapt the paper to the desired final use and to the types of products. Heat-sealable paper also ensures a certain security to the package by preventing unauthorized opening. It allows easy detection of theft attempt, as the seal must be broken to access the contents of the package or mail.

Heat-sealable paper in the packaging sector 

After the update in 2022 of the AGEC law (Anti-Waste Circular Economy), which prohibits now to send magazines in plastic packaging, more sustainable alternatives have been developed. Heat-sealable paper is now used for the sorting and routing of magazines, as well as advertising leaflets. In addition to being more environmentally friendly, heat-sealable paper adapts to existing machines and protects printed advertising material or magazines very well during mailing! It exists in white or brown versions with grammages ranging from 30 to 55 gr/m². Another benefit? Heat-sealable paper can be personalized!

Heat-sealable paper in the food sector 

Heat-sealable paper can also be used in the food sector for the packaging and conservation of food items. It can be sealed with heat to form a hermetic barrier around the food for better preservation. It has many advantages such as hygiene and security. Indeed, heat-sealable food paper offers additional protection against food contamination for instance. It prevents the entry of bacteria, molds, and other micro-organisms, and then reduces the risks of deterioration of food, especially the most sensitive ones. Durable and easy to use, it is suitable for all types of food.

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