Specialist in paper and cardboard conversion processes


Specialist in paper and cardboard conversion processes

GDP Emballages offers packaging solutions including the supply of over-packaging, interlayers, packing paper, technical paper products, paper for food contact, etc.

One of the features of our business is its great flexibility. This is the reason why we can respond quickly to the varied needs of our clients.

The image of our company is also underpinned by our focus on using products with a low ecological footprint. So consider using paper rather than fossil-based products.


papier de cuisson alimentaire

Food packaging

carton raidisseur 2

Packaging for logistics

papier blanc journal 1

Packaging for industry

Carton plat 1

Custom cutting


Thanks to the partnerships we have put in place, we stock many item references of finished products so that we can respond very quickly to the needs of our clients.

What’s more, we have a large stock of raw materials which we use to fulfil special requests for bespoke products and the business peaks of our clients.

Stock Bobines | GDP Emballages
Découpe à façon de papier | GDP Emballages


We respond to all your custom cutting requests. Rectangular, square or special shapes (Trapezium, Holes, etc.).

We can also make side rolls according to your measurements. Core diameters, outer diameter, weights, lengths and widths available on request.

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Wich kraft paper for packaging ?

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Protective paper for glass: properties

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